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The French Connection

Asia Marine Yacht Services (Hong Kong) and Asia Marine (Phuket)

Eric Noyel created Asia Marine Yacht Services in Hong Kong in 2012, and soon added in sister companies Riviera Orientale (charter) and Luxury Yacht Share Asia (fractional ownership). Vincent Tabuteau has been running Phuket-based Asia Marine for more than 25 years. Both companies are engaged in selling, chartering and managing yachts, and now they have joined forces.

"AMYS Hong Kong and AM Phuket, it's a natural connection," says Noyel. "Hong Kong people are frequent travellers to Phuket. It's probably the most popular nearby holiday destination. We have been building a boating and charter business in Hong Kong, and now we are directly referring charter clients to Asia Marine in Phuket, which was the intention all along. It's a seamless connection. Day charter cruises are gaining in popularity in Hong Kong, and day cruises are already the number one item on the Phuket charter menu “providing our customers with what they want in a destination they want to go to."

Hip Nautist was at the 2016 Thailand Yacht Show. Ready for charter!

Power and Sail

Vincent Tabuteau is a sailing man. Eric Noyel's department is motor yachts. "We are both learning about each other's side of the business, which are complementary," says Tabuteau. "Eric brings with him the expertise in luxury yachts, and Phuket is probably the main hub of luxury yacht charter in Asia at the moment, which is why joining together Asia Marine and AMYS is such a good idea."

Tabuteau and Noyel both understand that 'designed for Asia' does not necessarily mean padded-leather karaoke lounges. "It means the boat and its interior are designed for day usage by those who enjoy the sea."
Galeon 500 - available for charter in Phuket
Shortly arriving in Phuket and going straight into charter: a 50-footer from the drawing board of internationally-acclaimed naval architect Tony Castro. Galeon, from Poland, is the most recent addition to the AMYS/AM brands portfolio, and the new Galeon 500 is designed very specifically as a day cruiser, "Which is exactly what we want in Asia," says Tabuteau. "With its drop-down cockpit sides giving a deck space of more than 6m wide, it's a case of practical meets good-looking. It's going to be a winner."
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Asia Marine Yacht Services Ltd is headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia. The new partnership between Riviera Orientale and Asia Marine takes luxury yacht chartering in Hong Kong and Phuket to a new level. The perfect yacht in the right location makes for a dream charter experience.