We think we are a new kind of media house: a mixture of News Agency, Public Relations and Events Management services for people and publications in the yachting and yachting lifestyle fields.

News Agency

We offer bespoke articles, and will write or procure stories as required from time to time. Editors of yachting magazines looking for Asian Destinations, Cruising, Chartering and generally boating content set in Asia should call us first. We have copy and images to hand, and can write to order.

Press Releases

We also offer an alternative to the usual formulaic and tedious press releases that journalists delete without reading. We send clear and focussed information, written as an article might be, to the sort of journalist and editor that we know will be a receptive audience.

Events Management

There's nothing like getting potential buyers to actually board the boat you are trying to sell, and if you can get several buyers at once, and throw a good enough party, the point of a Superyacht becomes very clear. Events sell Boats. We can procure or supply everything: invitation lists of approved journalists and approved buyers; decent champagne; caterers; venues; even boats.

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