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Asia Yacht Press Launch

Asia Yacht Press Opens for Business

Yachting Events, Content for Press or Web, Press Releases, Parties.

If it is Yachting and it's in Asia - we've got it covered. Editorial writing and photography by yachting experts who know the region and the people.

Suzy Rayment, Guy Nowell and Nic Boyde are the gold standard when it comes to high quality editorial coverage of boating in Asia. Previously the owners of Yachtstyle, the trio have now created a new partnership: Asia Yacht Press, a media service dedicated to communicating marine matters in Asia, written by people who know the difference between a halyard and a handspike, who write in English, and who avoid cliched superlatives like 'stunning', 'iconic', and 'coveted'.

AYP can provide editorial, advertorial, press releases, media distribution and photography services, fine-tuned to yachting in Asia.

"If it floats, we know what it is. We probably know the owner, too!"

Adastra - Middle Island, Hong Kong

A New Kind of Media House

We think we are a new kind of media house: A mixture of News Agency, Public Relations and Events Management services for people and publications in the yachting and yachting lifestyle fields.

News Agency: We offer bespoke articles and will write or procure stories as required from time to time. Editors of yachting magazines looking for Asia Destination, Cruising, Chartering and generally boating content set in Asia should call us first. We have copy and images to hand, and can write to order.

Press Releases: We also offer an alternative to the usual tired, boring and pointless press releases that journalists delete without reading. We send clear and focussed information, written as an article might be, to the sort of journalist and editor that we know will be a receptive audience.

Events Management: There's nothing like getting potential buyers to actually board the boat you are trying to sell, and if you can get several buyers at once, and throw a good enough party, the point of a Superyacht becomes very clear. Events sell Boats. We can procure everything: invitation list to approved journalists and approved buyers; decent champagne; caterers; venues; even boats.

The Asian Superyacht Rendezvous.

We write press material, provide articles written by expert yachting journalists and images taken by experienced yachting photographers. We craft, draft and circulate press releases to our exclusive yachting media list. We organise events and we promote them through our private VIP connections. Want something else? Ask.

We are the best-connected yachting writers and photographers in Asia.

Tell us how to get in touch, and what you are thinking of hiring us to do, and we'll get back to you directly.

You can email us at: [email protected]

By telephone: +852 9680 3511

By post: 17 Tsam Chuk Wan, Sai Kung, NT, Hong Kong

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Asia Yacht Press is a news, content and publicity agency specialising in yachting and boating lifestyle stories in Asia. Call Suzy Rayment on +852 9680-3511 or email [email protected] to discuss how we can help.