My Yacht Group Reception : My Yacht Group creates unique turnkey luxury hospitality, branding and sales opportunities on board private superyachts and at pop up locations at the world’s premier sporting, social, and artistic events. Their second Hong Kong reception was on board a Navetta 28 and the neighbouring quayside and was supported by co-brand sponsors Vacheron Constantin, Pernod Ricard, Davidoff Cigars, The Swiss Wine Store and Ferretti Group.
ATEED Party Asia Yacht Press Release - ATEED Party: Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development: ATEED supports the growth of a vibrant and competitive economy by facilitating new (investment) money and new jobs for Auckland. They operate in the tourism market (both domestic and international); run major events that increase the profile of Auckland and contribute to the local GDP; and has identified investment opportunities in growth business sectors These sectors include Marine.